Don Santiago

I'm a writer and photographer who loves to travel.

The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2020: Silverberg, Larry, Larry Silverberg: 9781575259536: Books

Here is our 30th Anniversary edition of exciting ten-minute plays. In this volume you will find thirty terrific new ten-minute plays written in a variety of styles, some are realistic plays; some are not. Some are comic, some dramatic. The ten-minute play form lends itself well to experimentation in style. A playwright can have fun with a device which couldn't be sustained well in a longer play.

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24 Hours to Cool Down in Palm Springs, California with Don

A visit to Palm Springs with only twenty-four hours to spare during the sizzling hot summer does not mean isolating yourself in one of the many hotel resorts, spending the afternoon in the spa after a morning of golfing, playing tennis or wading in the pool. On an overnight trip to the California desert, I found five enjoyable things to do while escaping the My first stop was the Palm Springs Air Museum and was a welcome relief after the long drive from Phoenix, to see the two military aircr

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It's an Urban Style of Love: A Collection of Urban Tales: A Zimbell House Anthology: Publishing, Zimbell House, Aaron, Adel, VR, Anusha, Carey, Arthur, Smith-Lee, D. L., Eastick, E. M., Farnsworth, E.

It’s an Urban Style of Love is a collection of short urban tales depicting how contemporary love is found where you least expect it. From online gaming to jogging, the club scene to the park, these short stories inspire us to believe that there is someone for everyone, and sometimes you will find what your heart desires most, in the most unexpected places. It’s an Urban Style of Love features sixteen urban tales from fifteen of our favorite contemporary writers: Adel Aaron, Anusha VR, Arthur Car

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Tips for the Solo Traveller visiting the Vegas strip

Tips for the Solo Traveller visiting the Vegas strip Every year, approximately forty-two million people visit Las Vegas, Nevada, with about five million of these visitors attending one of the twenty-two thousand events or meetings that are being held. Despite the successful marketing campaign of, “What happens here, stays here”, depicting groups of people reflecting on what may be a not so memorable time, just might be misleading for what do you do if you’re one of those visiting as a single tr

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Palm Springs Air Museum

I breathed a sigh of relief as I drove north along Gene Autry Trail, now seeing the static displays of a FA-18 Hornet and a F-16 Fighting Falcon in front of beige colored hangars because I arrived at my destination of the Palm Springs Air Museum. Originally opened on November 11, 1996 with two hangars with a third opening in 1999 and the fourth opened in 2017. There is a total of fifty-nine flyable and static aircraft on display in 89,000 square feet. A fundraiser is currently underway to open a

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e*Train, the online magazine of the Train Collectors Association

Minutes away from Scottsdale, Arizona's luxurious resorts, upscale shopping and fine dining, sits the thirty-acre McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. As the name suggests, it is indeed a railroad themed park not just for train enthusiasts, but also for families. The park opened on October 4, 1975. Upon entering, one is greeted by the Magna Arizona Railroad Number 6 steam locomotive on one side and on the other side, a Merci train box car that was once used by France to aid European countries deva